Lately, more and more I have been spending time getting back into guitar playing (especially electric guitars). I used to play as a teenager in a band back in the 90s and here is what I have found out so far:
– guitars and related equipment nowadays got CHEAP. Maybe I have to thank the Internet and the EU for this one, gone are the days for 1000 euros for mediocre instruments (IF you could find ’em). Sure, a PRS or a Gibson is still in the thousands but at least you can find ’em and you can find something decent (Hint: Ibanez) for a fraction of the money.
– Gone are the days of having to spend hard earned cash to have your guitar properly set-up. Using Google (and assuming that you have a proper junk-rejection algorithm) you can find out whatever you need.
– If you wanna learn music, QUALITY information is out there. You do not have to loot/pillage/pray for books (which, undeniably help A LOT and nothing is a substitute for musical training), especially if you are in a somewhat rural area.
– Social networking means that you can contact your favourite producers/musicians. Assuming that they are somewhat social and not overwhelmed by requests, they will more than happily help you, something unheard of back in the day.

Technology helps a lot, my cheap preamp/modeller has a beefy CPU and 128Mbs of RAM. Imagine having something like that back in the 90s!

I find music (especially music production) more and more interesting as the time passes.